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The Energy Environment & Infrastructure Group

E2IG is a boutique business excellence company to accelerate your business results by improving operational performance, optimizing supply chains, providing cutting-edge technologies, and implementing change.

Initiatives including research & development, project facilitation, project implementation and enterprise management.

We are made up of a group of competent scientists, engineers, farmers, and innovators working together to create Socially Responsible Corporations.

We work closely with several Government Agencies, Private Companies and Investors who are collaborating and supporting these initiatives.

    Excellence in Sustainability Consultancy

  • Founded, 2008
  • Over 100+ years of the cumulative work experience
  • Have successfully completed more than 200 programs and projects at 30+ major companies in a variety of industries, wholesale, retail, and service businesses
  • Our clients value our data-driven approach as well as our focus on co-creation.
  • Excellent team of Subject Matter Specialist, Executers and field staff.

"E2IG has taken keen initiative to promote various renewable energies while concentrating on key resources"

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    Emerging Bio-based Technologies
  • Circular Bio-Economy
  • Bio-chemicals & materials
  • Bio-refineries
  • Bio-fuels – Procurement and Trading
  • Biomass Valorization
  • Waste management

    Environment Management & Planning
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Carbon Footprinting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Sustainability Assessment
  • Rehabilitation Strategies

    Infrastructure Development
  • Power sector infrastructure
  • Port and port facilities
  • Housing

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"E2IG provides and establishes commercially viable, replicable mechanisms leading to sustainable development in environment management"